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Tournee Neuseeland und Australien


Tournee Neuseeland und Australien
Mi, 28. August 2019 - Sa, 2. November 2019
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In October the Light Eurythmy group will visit New Zealand. We are very exited to be part of the Conference of the Antroposophical society in Christchurch 3rdtill 6thof October, following the Conference there will be a Performance for Children and other audiences in Christchurch. Afterwards we will travel up the country and perform in Nelson/Motueka, Wellington/Kapiti, Hastings, Waikato and Auckland. We are looking forward to lots of interesting encounters  and hope to bring to all audiences, schools, and to the different centres of Hohepa, an inspiring eurythmical impulse. We offer as part of our programs: Peter and the wolf a musical fairytale by Sergei Prokofiev,  The fairy-scene from the Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare, the Bremen town musicians, as well as Music by Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, contemporary Composers and inspiring Poetry  In Each venue, we will offer performances for children of different age groups and an evening performance The program will be in English. If you are interested to see what we are up to, go to our website  http://www.eurythmie.com/ (for the moment in German)

We are a professional group from Dornach/Arlesheim, Switzerland and perform internationally, presenting programmes in different languages. The Eurythmy impulse that the group carries out into the world is closely linked with the Eurythmy stream at the Goetheanum. The core members of the group were active for decades as stage eurythmists, also in leading positions in the Goetheanum ensemble. 

The Light Eurythmy group works closely with the lighting impulse of Rudolf Steiner.  We carry our own lighting equipment which can be linked to lighting systems at hand. In order to strengthen the effects of the coloured light, we carry with us  curtains painted with plant colours.          


In addition to our Performances we would like to offer an intensive Eurythmy Experience on the Days following the Christchurch Conference on the 7thand 8thof October, as well as a  Workshop on the Lighting Impulse of Rudolf Steiner and the development of Lighting in general: How does Light effect us human beings, what are the different qualities of Light (….LED light)  


We are looking forward to sharing an eurythmic experience with you.


For the Light Eurythmy Group Thomas Sutter and Karin Croll


If you would like to contact us concerning this tour, or the workshops please write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!